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How close are you to a costly compensation tribunal because your HR policies are old, incomplete and vulnerable to even the mildest of legal scrutiny?

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Up-to-date HR Policies from a practising Employment Law Barrister that you can rely on to be Concise, Easy to Follow and Legally Compliant

Isn’t it time you aligned yours with current legislation?

“Buy Daniel Barnett’s HR policies because all the hard work has been done for you already.”

Alison McRae

Are you a busy hr professional?

Here’s a quick question for you.

How confident is your knowledge of the following recent employment legislation updates:

The new rules on whom you accept fit notes from
The recommendations from the Women and Equalities Committee on changes to workplace law and practice to help women going through the menopause
A new time off and statutory pay entitlement for a particular set of personal circumstances that are more common than many realise.
Dealing with additional Bank Holidays (such as the extra day for the King's Coronation)
And anything else you might have missed…?

I’m sure you’re already familiar with many of these changes in employment law.

But even if you have kept up-to-date, how certain are you that they’re adequately covered by your current HR policies?

That’s the million-pound question….

For many organisations these changes, and probably many more, don’t feature in their HR policies. Or if they do, there’s a problem with them.

Often exclusions, omissions or mistakes are small

Occasionally they over-extend their reach.

Perhaps they result in an unworkable policy:

Or maybe, they’re a source of amusement

A policy that is inadequate, poorly understood or clumsily enforced can be a source of significant grief.

It might result in reputational damage to the organisation, a costly tribunal, expensive compensation awards…

… and a huge amount of work for you.

And that’s where it gets personal.

If you do get caught out by a policy that’s not fit for purpose, there’s a small but embarrassing dent in your own professional standing with your colleagues and the leadership team…

…all of which is preventable.

The trouble is, you’ll often only know how good your HR policies really are when they’re up against the situations and circumstances they’re intended to cover.

And I should know, because I’ve been a practising Employment Law Barrister for over 25 years.

My name is Daniel Barnett.

I am highly regarded for my employment and HR law expertise and am passionate about helping hr professionals like you understand the law better to make your job easier for you.

I have appeared in many Court of Appeal and Employment Appeal Tribunal cases together with complex High Court employment litigation. I also appear regularly in employment tribunals up and down the country and I particularly enjoy sharing my experiences with the HR community..

My areas of work include:

unfair dismissal claims
whistleblowing and discrimination claims
collective redundancy disputes
restrictive covenant cases
and employees who misuse their employer's confidential information

My employer clients include a member of the Royal Family, several international airlines, a global leisure industry company and telecommunications company, as well as many hundreds of SMEs.

I have sat on various Bar Council committees and am a member of the Staff Committee and Bar Representation Committees of the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn.

I’m also called on regularly to comment on television and radio on current legal issues. I am the presenter of the LBC Legal Hour, broadcasting every Saturday evening at 9pm across the UK, in which I answer legal questions from LBC callers. I am well known for my forthright, honest and clear answers to even the most challenging questions.

I am the author or co-author of eighteen books, including the highly regarded Handbook on Employment Law.

I bring all of that experience to bear when helping HR professionals develop a workable set of HR policies for their organisation.

Based on my extensive experience, here’s what I consider to be the gold standard for a suite of good HR policies.

For an HR professional to sleep soundly at night free from any concerns or worries, their HR policies (as a minimum) have to be:

Legally compliant
Up-to-date with current legislation
Integrated (meaning each policy complements and supports any related policies)

I’m sure you’ll agree with that.

But as we’ve found in organisations, that’s not usually the case...

Here’s the problem with many organisations’ HR Policies (maybe yours too)...

There’s a consistent problem we’ve seen over the many years we’ve been working with HR professionals.

It’s common in organisations both large and small (and everything in between).

In fact, it’s such a common phenomenon we’ve even developed a name for it.

We call it the 'Hotch-Potch HR Policy Problem'.


Well, it’s because the HR policies are usually an uncoordinated collection of documents from at least two or more of these sources:

An original set of old, probably now out of date, policies created by a previous HR professional no longer working for the organisation.
A partial set of 'newish' policies introduced by their replacement because they worked so well in their last company
Policies 'borrowed' from someone in the HR Manager’s network when new legislation is announced.
Cobbled-together policies from a free template downloaded from a website at the top of the google search for 'free hr policy template'
Outsourced policies created by an online source paid for from a shoestring budget (maybe even from Upwork or Fiverr!)

And that’s the problem.

At the very least this Hotch-Potch of Policies won’t be legally compliant, up-to-date or integrated.

But at worst…

…there’s more than just a problem…

….it’s likely to be a ticking tribunal time bomb.

It’s not a matter of IF something will upset the HR applecart to test your policies, but WHEN.

For many organisations these changes, and probably many more, don’t feature in their HR policies. Or if they do there’s a problem with them.

And if your organisation’s HR policies are not robust enough, that could result in a costly, expensive and time sucking tribunal.

Now if this resonates with you, recognise it’s not your fault.

You’ve got such an important job to do.

You’re pulled and stretched in so many different directions.

When you’re faced with a problem to solve, you’re likely to be the sort of person who strives to solve it quickly.

If you need to to fill a gap that’s appeared in your HR policy package, you’ll find a way of shoring it up quickly so you can get on with what you do best.

The challenge however is this:

Over time, your HR policies will drift further and further from the gold standard of being:

Legally compliant

It’s a precarious position to be in.

Now given the exhausting demands of your role, it’s unlikely you have the time to review your current policies, audit them for legislative compliance and update them where they fall short of the gold standard.

So let me take all that hassle away from you by introducing:


Here’s what it consists of:

The Full 'Completely Compliant HR Policy Library'

Fully audited and updated since the 2020 edition, there are 26 HR Policies that are:

Compact and concise, making them easy to implement.
Practical, with effective and efficient HR processes born from years of employment law experience.
Easy to read and understand by colleagues at every level of your business.
Comprehensive, covering the full range of tricky employment issues busy HR professionals have to deal with every day.
Fully legally compliant, having included every relevant employment legislation change since 2020
Developed and published by one of the UK’s leading employment law barristers.
Peer reviewed by some of the brightest legal minds in the profession.

Here’s what the policies cover:

Click any policy to see the detail…

01 - Recruitment Policy

How to avoid falling foul of discrimination laws so your recruitment is fair and lawful and that it leads to the right people being appointed to the right roles
How to prevent managers from exposing you to discriminatory hiring decisions that may potentially result in a costly and avoidable tribunal
Guidelines and measures to protect your organisation from hiring an inappropriate candidate to avoid the administrative (and emotional) burden of what happens when things go wrong.
And much more…

02 - Holiday Policy

How to keep all employees happy by ensuring holiday calculations and leave entitlements are clearly defined and understood by all.
Clear guidelines on how to request time off, how much employees will be paid and what happens if they are sick while on holiday.
Instructions on how to handle holiday entitlement for long term absence and what happens when an employee leaves the company.
And much more…

03 - Flexible Working Policy

Simple to understand guidelines on how flexible working can be balanced to meet the needs of the organisation and ideal working conditions for employees.
How an employee can establish if they qualify for flexible working and what they need to do to apply.
How an organisation should deal with a flexible working request to avoid a potential employment tribunal if they deny the application.
And much more…

04 - Equal Opportunities Policy

How to get the absolute best out of a diverse workforce and create a positive working environment for all employees for the benefit of the organisation.
How to protect the organisation against discrimination claims and allegations of not treating people properly by creating a company wide understanding of how the law views discrimination.
How to enforce the policy and handle any breaches that may occur.
And much more…

05 - Drugs & Alcohol Policy

How to fulfil your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your workforce and any external individuals who come into contact with your organisation from individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
How to implement screening for people who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
How to legally enforce a search policy to establish suspected possession of drugs or alcohol by employees on company premises.
And much more…

06 - Wellbeing Policy

How to identify wellbeing issues, mitigate their effects, and support your people through difficult times, whether because of issues at home or at work so they stay engaged and absence rates are kept low.
How to lay out and perform your statutory duties to protect all employees who work for you from anything that may affect their wellbeing.
How to create a working environment that recognises and supports employees suffering from stress.
And much more…

07  - Menopause Policy

How to create an environment in which all your employees feel informed about the menopause and are comfortable and confident talking about its impact.
How to make sure all employees affected by the menopause feel understood, appreciated and valued.
How to avoid unnecessary attrition of a key section of experienced and valuable employees.
And much more…

08 - Maternity & Family Friendly Policy

A comprehensive and detailed policy covering procedures for all types of family-related leave and pay, including details of employees' statutory rights.
How to create a working environment that supports employee work life balance and honours and respects the importance of the family unit.
Clear guidance on attending antenatal appointments, what happens during maternity leave, maternity pay, returning to work, paternity leave, paternity pay and shared parental leave.
And much more…

09 - Homeworking Policy

How to apply for homeworking, and the things to take into account when considering employees’ requests.
What safeguards need to be in place and the practical arrangements that make homeworking a success.
Specific considerations for role suitability, setting up homeworking, managing homeworking, expenses, health and safety, security confidentiality and data protection and accessing employees’ homes.
And much more…

10  - Social Media Policy

A thorough policy that explains employee responsibilities when using social media, on your premises, while working for or representing your organisation, or in their own time.
Guidelines on how to protect your organisation’s reputation by ensuring appropriate and responsible use of social media by employees.
And much more…

11 - Harassment & Bullying Policy

How to provide a safe working environment for all employees free from harassment, bullying and intimidation.
Understanding the difference between harassment and bullying and how your organisation will deal with both.
How to protect confidentiality during any harassment or bullying claim.
And much more…

12 - Performance Improvement Policy

Detailed guidance on the step by step process for handling performance improvement issues.
How to ensure managers do not overlook or even ignore issues of poor performance so action can be taken immediately if it becomes an issue.
Performance improvement warnings, how to handle dismissal for poor performance and what rights employees have for appeal.
And much more…

13  - Absence Management Policy

Proven procedures for reporting and managing absences and sick pay.
Expanded clauses covering evidence of sickness or injury, payment for sickness or injury and returning to work.
How to deal with employees who are off work long term or persistently absent.
And much more…

14 - Grievance Policy

How to deal with complaints, concerns, and problems to do with employment fairly and consistently.
The difference between informal and formal action (including the stages of formal action) and how they are managed.
And much more…

15 - Whistleblowing Policy

Guidance for employees who suspect something at work is putting them or others in danger, or is illegal or unethical.
Includes sections on how to raise a whistleblowing concern, confidentiality and anonymity and how whistleblowers are protected.
How a whistleblower can take their concerns outside of the company including guidance on approaching an external regulator and dealing with the media.
And much more…
Note: this Policy is suitable for non-regulated sectors only

16  - Bribery Policy

This policy outlines the responsibilities of employees to adhere to the high standards your organisation sets for conducting your business affairs.
How to recognise and address bribery and corruption encountered, whether in the UK or overseas.
Hospitality and entertainment and the strict criteria for the giving and receiving of any gifts.
And much more…

17 - Data Protection Policy

This comprehensive policy outlines the organisation’s legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) in respect of data privacy and security.
In plain English, this policy explains data protection principles, how personal data is defined, how personal data is processed, when, if ever, personal data is shared and how employees should process company data.
Includes sections on how to deal with data breaches and subject access requests.
And much more…

18 - Modern Slavery Policy

How to prevent modern slavery in your organisation to ensure this practice is stamped out.
Guidance for your suppliers about the prevention of modern slavery.
Instructions to your employees on what they should do if they have any suspicions about modern slavery.
And much more…

19  - Disciplinary Policy

A policy covering your organisation’s procedures relating to disciplinary issues where there is suspicion of misconduct.
How disciplinary issues are investigated, the circumstances for an informal approach, how formal meetings are conducted, the disciplinary action and dismissal process.
How gross misconduct and misconduct are defined.
And much more…

20 - Redundancy Policy

This policy sets out how you want to treat your employees if you need to reduce the number of people you employ.
How to avoid making redundancies where possible, and what to do when you have no choice but to do so.
It explains how you will work with employees who are selected for redundancy.
And much more…

PLUS…New for the 2023 Edition

21  - Right to Work Policy

The minimum documentation foreign nationals are required to produce to demonstrate their eligibility to work in this country.
A policy that outlines how your organisation will verify the work eligibility of all new hires of foreign nationals in accordance with immigration laws and current right to work checks.
Work practices to ensure any form of discrimination is avoided during their employment.
And much more…

22 - Religious & National Holiday Celebrations

How to ensure employees can observe and celebrate their religious and national holidays in accordance with their beliefs and cultural practices whilst balancing the competing interests of the organisation’s needs.
How to manage employees whose religious requests mean they exceed their normal holiday entitlements.
How to fully embrace cultural and religious diversity to ensure nobody is disadvantaged.
And much more…

23 - Car Policy

Detailed guidance on sourcing a vehicle, arranging insurance, paying road tax and ensuring MOT testing.
The employee’s responsibility for maintaining the vehicle in good condition and the reporting of any accidents or incidents involving the vehicle together with the liability for any fines incurred.
Additional (optional) rules and regulations related to the use of company cars, including who is authorised to drive the car, restrictions on personal use, limits on mileage and circumstances on how the vehicle may be withdrawn.
And much more…

24 - Computers, Email & Internet Policy

Guidelines on how all employees are expected to use company computers, email, and internet access in a responsible and professional manner, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
The company’s policy on the right to monitor and review employees' use of its computers, email, and internet access, and to take disciplinary action for any misuse of these resources.
Comprehensive instructions on the use of personal devices for company business.
And much more…

25 - Appraisal Policy

Instructions on how managers in the organisation will conduct performance appraisals for all employees covering frequency, timing, scope and outcome.
Guidance for employees on how to best prepare for their appraisal to include a review of their job duties, goals, and accomplishments, and to identify their development needs for discussion with their manager.
The company policy for dealing with employees who challenge any aspect of their appraisal.
And much more…

26 - Training & Development Policy

How the company is committed to providing employees with opportunities for training and development to help them improve their skills, knowledge, and performance through the use of individual training plans.
The policy for providing employees with access to a range of training and development resources, including in-house training programs, external seminars and workshops, and online learning platforms.
How training and development is monitored and assessed and what actions the company will take if employees do not meet their training objectives.
And much more…

Would you like to see a sample?

The best way to be sure of the unbeatable quality of the Platinum Policy Package is to see it for yourself.

included with all sets of policies...

The Watertight Employment Contract Pack

Two carefully crafted, tightly written employment contract templates for:

Junior Employees
Senior Employees

Our Triple-A Update Protection included throughout 2023

The Platinum Policy Suite also includes free updates for any policies impacted by new legislation or case law in 2023.

Should the government introduce any legislation that impacts any of the policies you’ve invested in, I will:

Assess the impact.
Amend the policy as the legislation requires
Automatically issue you with the updated policy.

FAST ACTION BONUS - Purchase before Friday 28 April and receive three months' free membership to our time saving HR Templates of the Month Club.

Every month you receive two new professionally written documents from our database of timesaving HR templates. These include the most popular and frequently used forms, assessments, agreements, checklists, letter templates, questionnaires and reports to help the busiest HR professionals save time and get things done quicker and easier. Here’s just a small sample of what the database contains:

 Return to work interview form
Letter requesting medical report from GP
Holiday and absence request form
Stress risk assessment
Agreement for loan repayment
Deductions from pay agreement
Invitation to disciplinary meeting
File note for improvement
Letter after non-attendance at disciplinary hearing
Leaver’s checklist
Exit interview and questionnaire
Letter acknowledging maternity notification and dates
Pregnant employee risk assessment
Confidentiality agreement for grievance interview witness

How good is The Platinum Policy Suite?

Rather than take our word for it, here’s what just some of our delighted customers have told us.

The Platinum Policy Suite also comes with these helpful bonuses

In addition to the policy, contract and update protection package, it also comes with these incredibly helpful bonuses to support your successful, seamless and stress free implementation of the policies into your organisation:

BONUS #1 - Legal Soundbite Summaries/Summary

Listen to me, employment law barrister Daniel Barnett, summarise and explain the legal ramifications of each policy and contract in this companion audio guide.

This is a perfect introduction to each policy or as a quick reminder of the points of law it supports.


If it were as easy as 'replace the old with the new', there’d be no need for this bonus. However, migrating from a set of outdated policies to your new Platinum Policy Suite has its own legal and practical traps and pitfalls if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In this step by step guide, I (Daniel Barnett) draw on my years of experience to help you plot your course towards a problem free introduction and integration of the Platinum Policy Suite.


In an ideal world, every employee would be thoroughly conversant with and have perfect recall of every policy that directly applies to them. Unfortunately that’s never going to be the case, even with the best of intentions.

However, the next best thing is to provide your employees with short summary cards that remind them of the key points to be aware of.

These concise memory joggers will help keep the main policy issues front of mind for even the busiest member of your team. You’ll get the e-versions of these cards so you can print off and distribute as many of these as you like.


Should you need to brief groups of employees on key aspects of any of the policies, you’ll also get a short powerpoint presentation you can use to explain each one. You’ll have edit access to each presentation enabling you to tailor it to the needs of different audiences..

These presentation templates are also the ones we use to create your Employee Policy Summary Cards. This means you can create your own tailored cards too.

BONUS #5 - HR Policy Proficiency Tests

Do you want to check your managers have read and understood your polices? Use this set of over 40 multiple choice questions to test their knowledge and encourage them to familiarise themselves with the policies.

BONUS #6 - The Perfect Policy Graphics Bundle

And finally, it’s important that your policies look the part. So we’ve included a professionally produced set of covers using high quality graphical design and appropriate imagery to make your policy suite stand out.

As an added bonus we’ve included two sets of the covers, one with numbering and the other without for you to adapt as you wish.


Perfect for Independent HR Consultants and solicitors, you’ll also get distribution and resale rights for all of the policies and contracts.

This allows you to market and sell the policies to your existing client base to create another profitable revenue stream. If you choose not to charge your clients for them, it will still be a powerful selling point to potential new clients that separates you from your closest competition.  Just one caveat: in fairness to all our other customers, we don't allow you to post the policies for free on social media sites.


To support Independent HR Consultants who wish to market your licensed ability to sell the policies and contracts to your clients, we provide you with a “Business In A Box” Policy Marketing pack. This consists of:

A step by step marketing plan.
Keyword research
A brandable sales letter you can put on your website.

So should you invest in the
Platinum Policy Suite?

Yes…and maybe no.

Let me explain.

The Platinum Policy Suite is NOT right for you if:

You’re a fully qualified employment law solicitor or barrister and know you could put a suite of HR policies together yourself (even if it did take a large chunk of your time to do it).
Or you’ve already paid a specialist employment law barrister £5k+ to create your HR policy suite in the last 12 months and are completely happy with their implementation and adherence by your managers and employees.
Or you’re comfortable with surviving on a hotchpotch of HR policies knitted together from the legacy policies your predecessor left you, stuff shared in Facebook groups to fill the gaps and the free templates you’ve downloaded from HR websites in return for your email address.
Or you’re a public sector employer, or a large business which recognises a union and doesn't have the freedom to set its own policies
Or you believe in surviving on luck and if you’ve not had a problem with your HR policies so far, then chances are you’ll be ok in the future.

But, The Platinum Policy Suite is DEFINITELY right for you if:

You’re eager to make sure the HR policies you’re responsible for don’t come back and bite you at some point in the future.
You know that having a set of HR Policies that are concise, easy for the employees to follow and legally compliant will help you sleep easier at night.
You want to save tens if not hundreds of hours by NOT having to put together these policies yourself.
It’s been a while since you updated your current policy suite and you appreciate they’ve been published by the UK’s leading Employment Barrister whose job it is to keep on top of current legislation.
You’re an Independent HR consultant and want an impressive additional offering to help service your clients even better (and add another income stream to your revenue).

So what’s the cost of the Platinum Policy Suite?

It’s important to compare the alternatives you have open to you when considering the value of investing in this package.

If you were to hire a senior lawyer with over 20 years’ experience of working in employment law, then you can reasonably expect to pay in excess of £5,000.

That would be more than a fair price for such expertise to create a set of bespoke policies for you and your organisation.

Of course that figure doesn’t factor in the cost of your time to create the brief, consult with the barrister, answer their queries about your organisation, review the policies and provide the detailed feedback for each policy.

If you’re been in HR for a while however, you could significantly reduce that cost and put a set of policies together yourself.

You live and breathe the HR function every day of the week.

You have years of HR knowledge and experience.

Back that up with a ton of extensive research to get up to speed with the current legislation, then there’s no doubt you could compile a workable set of policies.

You might need to get them checked by an employment lawyer just to make sure they are fully legally compliant….

…but I’d expect you’d be both pleased and proud of what you produce.

If you factor in your time and the cost to get them legally verified, you’d have a working set of policies for anywhere between £3-5k.

Of course those options are both expensive AND time consuming.

Which leaves you with investing in a package like The Platinum Policy Suite.

So how much is the investment?



Available until Friday, 5 May 2023

£ ???

For existing HR Inner Circle members only


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* The £1 HR Inner Circle 30 Day Trial Membership renews at £96 + VAT a month unless cancelled.

Find out more about it at (opens in separate window).

Here’s what you get for your investment

If you break down the retail value of each component of the suite, it’s this:

The Full 'Completely Compliant Platinum Policy Suite' consisting of 26 up-to-date HR policies

Value £1,997

The Watertight Employment Contract Pack

Value £497

Our Triple A Surprise Update Protection, with 
guaranteed updates throughout 2023

Value £997

The Perfect Policy Graphics Bundle

Value £197


The Full “ Completely Compliant HR Policy Library”

(Value £1,997)


The Watertight Employment Contract Pack

(Value £497)


Our Triple AAA “Surprise Legislation” Update Protection

(Value £997)


The Perfect Policy Graphics Bundle

(Value £197)



And remember to factor in the bonuses too.

Bonus 1: Legal Soundbite Summaries/Summary

Bonus 2: Introducing New HR Policies Into Any Organisation

Bonus 3: Employee Policy Briefing Summary Cards

Bonus 4: Employee Policy Briefing Presentations

Bonus 5: HR Policy Proficiency Tests

Bonus 6: 'Business In A Box' Policy Resale License

Bonus 7: “Business In A Box” Policy Marketing Pack

Value £197

Value £147

Value £97

Value £97

Value £97

Value £997

Value £497


Bonus 1: Legal Soundbite Summaries/Summary

(Value £197)


Bonus 2: Introducing New HR Policies Into Any Organisation

(Value £147)


Bonus 3: Employee Policy Briefing Summary Cards

(Value £97)


Bonus 4: Employee Policy Briefing Presentations

(Value £97)


Bonus 5: HR Policy Proficiency Tests

(Value £97)


Bonus 6: “Business In A Box” Policy Resale License

(Value £997)


Bonus 7: “Business In A Box” Policy Marketing Pack

(Value £497)



So the full Platinum Policy Suite, including bonuses is worth £5,817.

If you purchase it at our exclusive Platinum Policy Suite rate of  £1,295 +VAT , that’s 80% off the full retail value of the entire system.

But there’s an even better deal available to you.

Here’s how to get £500 off...

Because we’d like to sweeten the pot a little, we want to give you £500 off the Platinum Policy Suite rate if you take a 30 day trial membership of the HR Inner Circle for just £1.

For that, you get the full Platinum Policy Suite (and bonuses) with a retail value of £5,817 for just £795 + VAT.

(If you're already a member of the HR Inner Circle, you can log in to your dashboard and get access to the even lower secret member benefit rate).

So if you are not currently a member of the HR Inner Circle, your two options are:

1. Pay the Platinum Policy Suite rate of £1,295 + VAT; or

2. Take up the 30 Day £1 Trial Membership of the HR Inner Circle and only pay £795 + VAT

But don’t decide now whether this is a good deal or not. Take the next year to try out The Platinum Policy Suite - at no risk to you.

Because you are completely protected by our...

100% Risk-Free 12 Months’ Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any aspect of the Platinum Policy Suite at any time in the next 12 months, just let us know and we'll refund your investment within 3 working days.

Just email and we will process your refund immediately to schedule the payment - no questions asked.

So all of the risk is on us to provide you with top notch policies that work for you and your organisation.

That means you have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

So what’s next?

Right now you’re at a crossroads…

Option 1 - you can stick with your current HR policies and trust that if anything happens, you’ll be covered. I mean, everything’s been ok so far hasn’t it? What could possibly go wrong?

Option 2 - you can decide to do something about it and put your years of HR experience to good use and take the time and effort to audit your current policies, research current employment legislation and bring them up-to-date.

Option 3 - you can test drive The Platinum Policy Suite right now, risk-free, using our risk-free 12 months’ guarantee.

Taking option 3 will save you an incredible amount of time, effort and cost and will provide you with workable HR policies you can have in place faster than you can imagine.

All you have to do is click the button to get the complete Platinum Policy Suite PLUS all of the additional bonuses.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a Fast Action Bonus for you

The Employment Tribunal Compensation Video Course (Value £288)

Once you have The Platinum Policy Suite in place, you’ll have a policy framework that will reduce the likelihood of you being taken to an employment tribunal and losing.

However, while you make the transition from your old policy structure to your new one, you may get caught out.

In this Employment Tribunal Compensation video course (complete with accompanying handbook), I lay out everything you need to know about how to ethically minimise any compensation your organisation may have to pay as a result of a tribunal.

This is a priceless resource that you’ll get instant access to if you invest in the Platinum Policy Suite today.

All you have to do is click the button below.

This is one of those no-brainer decisions you’ll look back on and congratulate yourself for making when The Platinum Policy Suite more than pays for itself by providing you and your organisation a robust HR policy suite that is:

Legally compliant

Why would you run the risk of not having HR policies like that?

With very best wishes,

Daniel Barnett
Founder and Director, Employment Law Services Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the law changes?

The Platinum Policy Suite includes free updates throughout 2023 for any policies impacted by new legislation or caselaw.  Whenever there is a change in the law that impacts any of the policies you’ve invested in, we will assess the impact, amend the policy as the legislation/caselaw requires and automatically issue you with the updated policy.

We intend to offer a similar service in 2024 for a fixed, low annual fee.

Can I see a sample?

Absolutely - click here to download a sample of our Absence Management Policy.

I’d rather not pay by credit card, can I pay by invoice?

All our systems are automated so we would prefer you to pay online via debit/credit card. However, if you do require an invoice for the policies, please email note this does not apply to the £1 trial membership of the HR Inner Circle, if you go for that option, you will need to register and pay online as above.

I see I get a £500 discount on the full price if I try out the HR Inner Circle membership for 30 days for £1. What is the HR Inner Circle?

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We have a collective agreement with a union. Can we use these policies?

No, unfortunately not. Generally the policies will not be suitable for public sector employers or large businesses which recognise a union and do not have the freedom to set their own policies.

How are the policies different from the ones you produced in 2017 and 2020?

We have completely rewritten the policies from scratch. All 26 policies are up to date with current developments. And it includes these six brand new polices which didn't exist in the 2020 pack (and eleven policies which didn't exist in the 2017 pack)...

Right to Work
Religious and National Holiday Celebrations
Company Car
Computers, email and internet
Training & development.

Can I rebrand the policies for myself?

Yes, the policies can be rebranded to match your company branding.

Are there any limits to my ability to give away or re-sell the policies?

The policies come with a licence that entitles you to use the policies and contracts within your own organisation, and to sell the policies and contracts to third parties. You are also entitled to give them away for free to existing clients. However, in fairness to all our customers, you may not offer them for free on your website or on social media.

Can I buy specific policies from the Platinum Policy Suite instead of all 26?

No, sorry. The policies cross-reference each other and are sold as a complete pacakge only.

My organisation is unique and has its own special needs, will these policies still be useful for me?

The Platinum Policy Suite will be an excellent starting point; you can tailor the policies to your own specific needs and requirements. They will however not be suitable if you work in a regulated sector, such as the financial sector.

I write my own HR policies, how will The Platinum Policy Suite be useful for me?

If you want to save tens, if not hundreds, of hours by not having to put together these policies yourself, the Platinum Policy Suite is for you. Or if you just want a little bit of help, the package is an excellent foundation upon which you can build your own unique policies. You can tailor the policies to your own specific needs and requirements and rest easy knowing the policies are detailed, accurate and legally compliant.

What if I want my money back?

We offer a 12 month guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any aspect of the Platinum Policy Suite at any time in the next 12 months, just let us know by emailing and we’ll refund you.

Available until Friday, 5 May 2023

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If you have any questions, please email or call 0333 090 8864

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